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About American Rotors

Our founder, Chuck Stark, started American Rotors in 1960. Those early years in Chicago were spent stacking rotors for companies who did their own casting. Through the years, changes in location, partners, and manufacturing processes took place. In 1976, at our North side Chicago plant, we took on die-casting in order to offer a completed rotor to our smaller customers, ensuring quality castings and services with products delivered on time without defects.

Soon after adding casting to our services, larger customers started asking for the same finished product. Customers quickly learned that American Rotors could supply their needs much more effectively and inexpensively then maintaining their own die-casting department. While no advertising was used, word of mouth helped American Rotors grow from three to almost 30 employees within 20 years. This is an important testament to the quality, service and dedication shown by all the American Rotors employees throughout the years.

Quality is a continuous activity integrating people, communication and process control, ensuring that each customer’s needs for quality castings and services are met and delivered on without defects. That’s why American Rotors is adept at maintaining very tight tolerances, visually inspecting each individual piece at the time of production. Customized testing or dimensioning programs are implemented as required by the customer. Our ultimate goal is to find the most cost effective design of the product and the most efficient manufacturing process.

We have been a family-owned business from day one. Our historic commitment to quality and customer service is due to on-going reinvestment in quality people, equipment and technology. Today, Chuck’s sons Alan and Glenn, along with granddaughter Krystal run American Rotors at its present location in Gurnee, Illinois, combining old fashioned personalized customer service with the latest production technology. Our priorities are an on-going commitment to quality, delivery and customer service. It’s what sets us apart from the competition.

  • 1960

    Our founder, Chuck Stark, started American Rotors in 1960 after selling his interest in another casting company. 

  • 1970

    We took on die casting in order to offer a completed rotor to our customers

  • 1972

    Chuck’s son, Alan, joined the company as the second generation of management.

  • 1988

    Alan Stark became president of the corporation & designed a new facility to modernize the casting process 

  • 1990

    Operations moved from Chicago to Gurnee, Illinois.

  • 1998

    Alan’s brother, Glenn, joins the business to oversee tooling design and quality

  • 2015

    Krystal Stark, Alan’s daughter and Chuck’s granddaughter, becomes the third generation to manage the business.

  • 2016

    Glenn takes over as company president.

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