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Rotor Manufacturer

Our mission is to excel at supplying quality rotors at competitive pricing in a timely manner. Our business and expertise is manufacturing rotors from start to finish.  

Family Owned & Operated

American Rotors has been manufacturing only one product for three generations. Our expertise as a rotor manufacturer will allow you to make your next rotor requisition worry-free. We have made millions of quality rotors every year for over 60 years.  

Quality Matters

We offer in house secondary processes to our customers for convenience. At each process station, we again visually inspect individual rotors before moving on to the next step. Quality assurance is our number one priority.


3873 Clearview Ct
Gurnee, IL. 60031



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About American Rotors

Our founder, Chuck Stark, started American Rotors in 1960. Those early years in Chicago were spent stacking rotors for companies who did their own casting. Through the years, changes in location, partners, and manufacturing processes took place. In 1976, at our North side Chicago plant, we took on die-casting in order to offer a completed rotor to our smaller customers, ensuring quality castings and services with products delivered on time without defects. Soon after adding casting to our services, larger customers started asking for the same finished product. Customers quickly learned that American Rotors could supply their needs much more effectively and inexpensively then maintaining their own die-casting department. 

Manufacturing Services

Aluminum Die Casting

Casting With 99.7% Pure Aluminum

We use Alcan's P1020 rotor aluminum and Alcoa's A100.

Centerless Grinding

If a closer tolerance is needed on the OD of the rotor, we have in-house centerless grinders which can accommodate all but our largest size rotors

Stacking Rotors

Assembly And Skewing Of Loose Laminations

We can stack, stake and skew most any type or size of lamination for fractional HP rotors.

De-gating After Casting

We trim all the gates to within .005 of the rotor OD.

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We would love to learn more about your project.