Our services:

We are located close to the major lamination manufacturers in the Midwest.

· Assembly and skewing of loose laminations- We can stack, stake and skew most any type or size of lamination for fractional HP rotors.

· Casting using staked or pre-stack rotors- Our machines and tooling are designed to accept either pinned rotors or prestacked rotors.

· Casting with 99.7% pure aluminum- We use Alcan's P1020 rotor aluminum and Alcoa's A100.

· De-gating after casting- We trim all the gates to within .005 of the rotor OD.

· Centerless grinding of rotors- If a closer tolerance is needed on the OD of the rotor, we have in-house centerless grinders which can accommodate all but our largest size rotors. We have a local centerless grinding company which can handle the larger diameter parts.

· Reaming or Burnishing of shaft holes- We currently have the capability to finish holes up to 1.312 inches diameter.

· Functional and dimensional testing- We have a very extensive dimensional testing program with well trained staff who are dedicated to making sure every rotor leaving our plant passes inspection. We also have the ability toelectronicaly check rotors for voids and resistance.